What is a Credit Score Notice?

What about a “Risk-Based Pricing Notice” or “Account Review Notice”? Good? Bad? Indifferent?  Read on and check out the link below for more details. 
“Starting in 2011, many credit-seeking consumers will get more information about how their credit report or credit score can impact a lender's decision to grant credit and the terms under which credit is offered. Beginning January 1, new rules from the Federal Reserve and the Federal Trade Commission require lenders to provide new information to consumers under certain conditions.”
Depending on the circumstances, when you apply for credit through a bank, credit union, or other lender, you may receive a notice with information about your credit report or credit score. The new rules introduce several types of notices:

Credit Score Notice: provides your credit score and how your credit score compares to other consumers' scores.

Risk-Based Pricing Notice: you are being offered credit on terms that are less favorable than the terms offered to other consumers. Hmmm… NOT a good sign!

Account Review Notice: your APR on an existing account is increased based on a review of your credit report. Ouch!

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What is a Credit Score Notice?
What is a Credit Score Notice?
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