Spousanomics: Love, Marriage & Dirty Dishes

“Housework—who does what, when, and how often—is the source of many a recurring marital complaint. Splitting chores 50/50 often seems like the answer, but couples who do often find themselves as resentful and unhappy as couples who set up no plan for dividing the work that makes a house run.”
If this sounds intriguing, check out the website and especially the comments “from the community” at the end.  I recommended that Logan Library buy this book!
“The authors, both accomplished journalists (Szuchman: Wall Street Journal and Anderson: New York Times, where she spent years covering Wall Street and delivered award-winning coverage of Merrill Lynch) decided the time was right for an economics-approach how-to for a successful union for a few reasons. One was a pretty tough first year of marriage for Szuchman, who was surprised it was harder than she thought to merge two lives and that “something as banal as housework could get in the way” of all the fun she heard people were having being married. Another was the prevalence of economic terms suddenly in the national lexicon at the time of the financial meltdown.”
Spousanomics: Using Economics to Master Love, Marriage, and Dirty Dishes.
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Spousanomics: Love, Marriage & Dirty Dishes
Spousanomics: Love, Marriage & Dirty Dishes
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