Start Retirement Planning NOW

“94% of Americans wish they did a better job of managing their money,” according to the ING Retirement Institute Research Institute. “ING found that the more financially literate someone is, the happier and more confident they are.” “Startlingly, only 53% of Americans are currently saving for retirement, even though 97% realize that the earlier one starts saving for retirement, the better off one will be. Twenty-nine percent said they didn’t know where to start, 23% said they were procrastinating, and 18% said they needed help but didn’t know where to get it.”
Think you don't have time?  Turn off the TV and start learning and planning for financial security in later life.  
This report Insights: Retirement expectations, confidence, and realities can be downloaded at the ING Institute for Retirement Research: (Select “Publications”)
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Start Retirement Planning NOW
Start Retirement Planning NOW
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