12 Saving & Investing Tips for 2012

Become a smarter investor in 2012 with these tips from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC):
Tip #12 Pay off high-interest debt.
#11 Pay yourself first.
#10 Boost your “rainy day” fund.
#9 Help stop affinity fraud in your community.
#8 Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
#7 Take advantage of “free money”
#6 Beware of promises of “guaranteed returns.”
#5 Understand the fees you pay to buy, own, and sell your investments.
#4 Teach your children about good financial habits.
#3 Research investments before handing over any money.
#2 Check the background of your investment professional.
#1 Visit Investor.gov before making your next investment decision.
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12 Saving & Investing Tips for 2012
12 Saving & Investing Tips for 2012
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