10 Steps to Preparing to Retire

AARP offers a 10-step guide to prepare for retirement. “Ready for Retirement?”  helps you evaluate your health, build your social network, and find new ways to cut expenses.

See all ten “Ready for Retirement?” steps at www.aarp.org/readyforretirement.

10 steps to retirement AARP 2011
  1. Define Your Retirement
  2. Take Stock of Your "Assets"

  3. Evaluate Your Health — Now

  4. Determine When to Collect Social Security

  5. Network Through Social Media and Other Methods

  6. Decide How Much You Want (or Need) to Work

  7. Create a Retirement Budget

  8. Find New Ways to Cut Your Expenses (Start Saving More)

  9. Prepare for the Unexpected

  10. Stick to Your Plan (Our Community Can Help)


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10 Steps to Preparing to Retire
10 Steps to Preparing to Retire
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