Weathering Tough Economic Times—12 Tips for 2012

"Tough economic times have taken a toll on many Americans over the last couple of years. But making sound financial decisions and saving for the future can help you weather financial storms. The start of a new year is a great time to take stock of your finances, so the FINRA Investor Education Foundation has put together these 12 practical tips that can help keep your finances on course in 2012."

  1. Start a Rainy Day Fund
  2. Handle Credit Cards With Care.
  3. Check Your Credit Report and Score
  4. Shop Around For Financial Products.
  5. Don’t Leave Money on the Table: Contribute to Your 401(k).
  6. Avoid Payday Loans and Other Money Drains.
  7. Don’t Overdraw Your Checking Account or Debit Card.
  8. Do a Background Check on Your Financial Professional.
  9. Keep Your Insurance Coverage Current.
  10. Diversify Your Investments.
  11. Save for College Using Tax-Advantaged Accounts
  12. Find Free, Reliable Financial Education Resources in Your Community: like Financial Planning for Women! (my addition)
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Weathering Tough Economic Times—12 Tips for 2012
Weathering Tough Economic Times—12 Tips for 2012
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