Ruminations on Gift Cards

After reading numerous articles about the pitfalls of gift cards and the estimated $1.9 billion (yes, that’s a b) that are never redeemed, I can't help but wonder why people don't just give cash (or even checks).

It is critical to teach children to save and you'll teach them the exact opposite message by giving a gift card. With cash (or equivalent) parents can encourage their children to save some and even set some money aside for donations. One lament I hear from women is how they wish their children would learn better financial behaviors. Think about what lessons you are teaching your children this holiday season (and I don’t mean just about gift cards).

Secondly, in today's economy many adults need money to pay the rent, mortgage, or utility bill, although it may not be obvious and they may be trying to hide their situation. I guess I'm conservative and old fashioned but I view gift cards as simply a very effective marketing strategy to encourage Americans to spend more than is prudent.
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Ruminations on Gift Cards
Ruminations on Gift Cards
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