Are you ready for an earthquake?

Having visited Christchurch, NZ, the news and photos of the recent earthquake are very unsettling. Rather than simply lament the death and devastation, it’s time to prepare for Utah’s inevitable quake.  A terrific resource is: Putting down roots in earthquake country: Your handbook for earthquakes in Utah. Download a copy at:
Other states like California have similar publications with info specific to their state.  See:
There are lots of little, inexpensive things you can do to reduce the damage to your home and reduce potential injuries.  Besides making some changes in your house, you need to plan for the financial effects of a quake. See:
  • p. 18 Your Financial Situation Could Be Affected by a Quake
  • p. 31 A Review of Money Matters: Financial Impacts of Earthquakes
“Following a quake, disaster aid may not be immediately available, so you should plan ahead. If you have prepared a financial disaster recovery plan, you are more likely to recover successfully after a quake.” Financial recovery planning resources are available from resources listed at the end of the booklet.
Contact your homeowners insurance agent to arrange for quake coverage on your most valuable financial asset, your house.  Earthquake damage is NOT covered by regular homeowners insurance.  Like floods, earthquake damage is explicitly excluded .  For info on HO insurance see: Earthquake insurance in Utah:
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Are you ready for an earthquake?
Are you ready for an earthquake?
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