12 Common Scams That Target College Kids

But not just college students! We all know that there are plenty of scams out there but we think we are too smart and sophisticated to become a victim. Because college students are among the most high tech, internet savvy consumers and heavy mobile phone users, they are more at risk than those of us who still hold to some of our old-fashioned ways. 

Here’s an example: “Anyone using WiFi on an unsecured network is at risk for identity theft, but because college students more often take their computers to coffee shops, parks, restaurants and other public places to study, they might be at a higher risk for this type of scam.” 

We all know we shouldn’t use public WiFi for banking, shopping, etc. but sometimes we are so used to doing everything on our computers that it’s easy to forget… Oh yeah… I’m not working on my own internet system at home. Oops! Learn about 12 common scams, some targeted at all of us, some to college students. Thanks to Emma Taylor with Accredited Online Colleges for this link: http://www.accreditedonlinecolleges.com/blog/2011/12-common-scams-that-target-college-kids/
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12 Common Scams That Target College Kids
12 Common Scams That Target College Kids
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