7 Ways to Borrow for College

With the skyrocketing cost of college most students need to borrow. Student loan debt now exceeds the total amount that Americans owe on credit cards! So borrowing wisely is very important. This article by Lynn O'Shaughnessy provides some great tips for students and their parents. 

1.     1.  The best college loan for students is the Stafford Loan.
2.      2. Look for borrower protection.
3.      3. Consider parent options.
4.     4.  Check out credit unions.
5.      5. Check school credit unions.
6.      6. Apply for multiple loans.
7.      7. Don't over borrow.  Read the details at: http://registeredrep.com/wealthmanagement/seven_ways_to_borrow_for_college_521/
The article also provides links to 3 sites for comparing private college loans.
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7 Ways to Borrow for College
7 Ways to Borrow for College
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