Elder Rights Resource Booklet

The Utah Elder Rights Resource Booklet
This 28 page resource was written by Jilenne Gunther and published by the Utah Division of Aging and Adult Services. Table of Contents:
  1. Protecting Yourself against Scams and Sales
  2. Knowing Your Consumer Rights
  3. Preventing and Protecting Yourself from Abuse
  4. Caring for Grandchildren
  5. Learning about Benefits
  6. Obtaining Medical Insurance
  7. Finding Housing Options
  8. Organizing Your Assets: Estate Planning
  9. Keeping the Power: End-of-Life Planning
  10. Making Arrangements: Death of a Loved One
  11. Getting Legal Help: Where to Go from Here
The author is willing to speak to groups on any topic in this book. 

Jilenne Gunther
Legal Enforcement Counsel
Utah Division of Aging and Adult Services
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Elder Rights Resource Booklet
Elder Rights Resource Booklet
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