Save up to $1/gallon of gas

I don’t like to promote specific retailers in this blog but I was pleasantly shocked recently when I bought gas at Conoco on 400 North in Logan and saved 90 cents per gallon!! 

I’m used to the old system of saving up to 15 cents/gallon by swiping my Smith’s fresh values reward card when buying gas.  When I shopped at Smith’s yesterday I noticed the sign claiming you can save up to $1/gallon. With the vacation travel season starting, this is a great deal.   

I shop at Smith’s Marketplace because it is close to my home so I can walk, ride my bike, or stop on my way home with the car (saves time and money to shop close to home).  Students in the “Consumer in the Market” class at USU do a comparison shopping project each semester and their studies show there is not a consistently cheapest grocery store in town.
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Save up to $1/gallon of gas
Save up to $1/gallon of gas
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