Social Security Fix-it book

Confused about Social Security? Worried that it won't be there for you? Frustrated with the lack of action by Congress to deal with the looming financing problems? Wondering who to believe?

The non-partisan Center for Retirement Research at Boston College has produced an easy to understand educational tool to clear up the confusion and point the way toward a reasonable solution: "Everything the earnest but overburdened citizen needs to know about the Social Security financing shortfall and the leading proposals for addressing the problem."

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This colorful, illustrated, easy-to-understand booklet explains the problem (No, SS is NOT going bankrupt!) Decide for yourself (and your multi-generation household) what steps you would like your Congressional representatives to implement to resolve the funding problem before delay makes it worse. Go ahead! Click the link above. I think you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that the problem is solvable.
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Social Security Fix-it book
Social Security Fix-it book
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