Guide to saving for college for all income levels

 The best resource on saving for college is Joseph Hurley's website:  The site is crammed with helpful, authoritative information on why to save, how to save, where to invest, how to use the money most efficiently, and even info on matching state funds to help low income families save in 529 (tax advantaged) college savings plans.   

The Utah Educational Savings Plan (UESP) is one of the best plans in the nation (avaialable to non-residents as well as Utah residents). Utah taxpayers can direct their Utah state income tax refund to be deposited into their Utah Educational Savings Plan (UESP) 529 account(s) by simply marking the UESP savings option box (line 46) on their individual Utah state income tax returns.... If it's too late to do this but you received or anticipate a refund, sign your kids, grandkinds, nieces, nephews up for the UESP plan. What better gift than to start their college savings account and encourage them to learn the savings habit?  There is No minimum investment required to open or maintain a Utah Educational Savings Plan college savings account so NO MORE EXCUSES! Save on federal and state taxes.

Think you can't afford to save for your kids' college educations?  UESP will match up to $400 annually on contributions for low income families. See details at Fast Forward Matching Program Put that tax refund to work and start saving today! And ask the grandparents to contribute, too.
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Guide to saving for college for all income levels
Guide to saving for college for all income levels
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