Great resource: Nolo Press website & sale

Nolo Press is a trusty source of excellent legal and personal finance information. I've been using their books and web site as a resource for years. You can be sure the info is accurate and up to date. Many of their books have free chapters on the site so you can check them out before buying (paper or e-versions). You can buy & download legal documents from the site, including resources for landlords and small business owners, wills, parenting agreements and much more.

You can locate attorneys near your zip code on their website; for example there is a female estate planning attorney in SLC. FPW attendees often prefer to work with women professionals. Yes, there are female attorneys in Cache Valley so you don't have to travel to SLC, but the feature is worth perusing.

Personal finance & retirement
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Great resource: Nolo Press website & sale
Great resource: Nolo Press website & sale
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