FPW Workbooks

Our upcoming programs for FPW will be coming from the workbook Money Talk: A Financial Guide for Women ($23.00; 192 pages; 2009). This workbook teaches women the basics of smart money management.
Money Talk provides answers to questions like: How much do I need to save for retirement?; How much insurance should I have?; How and where should I invest my money?; and How do I create a will? Over 45 worksheets help readers evaluate their personal finances, set goals for financial well-being, and implement a plan to reach those goals.

The book is divided into five sections -- Financial Basics; Are You Covered? Insurance Basics; Investing Basics; Investing for Retirement; and Planning for Future Life Events. Each section includes lessons that demystify important financial concepts and exercises that allow readers to apply the information.
COST: Although the workbooks cost $23 each I was able to order them in bulk for a reduced price. Because we do not want the cost to keep anyone away, FPW will make the books available for a suggested donation of $15 or any amount you feel you can afford. We will simply pass around an envelope so no one will know how much you contribute.
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FPW Workbooks
FPW Workbooks
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